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  • Hospitals & Health Systems

    TruCode by TruBridge helps hospitals excel despite a changing coding landscape. Your coders are more informed, accurate and productive with the industry’s most advanced encoder technology. . Change…for the better.

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  • Consultants

    Our encoding software makes your outsourced coding and auditing company’s experience match the promise. TruCode by TruBridge is the key to better workflow, more exact coding and stronger revenues for your coding business.

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  • Payers

    With TruCode by TruBridge, payers and health plans simplify the way they review records during claims audits. Gain greater visibility into the accurate coding of every provider claim with our proven encoder software.

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Hospitals & Health Systems

So much health information technology for hospitals and health systems is over-hyped and under-delivered. Not the case with TruCode by TruBridge.

Our encoder software works hand-in-hand with your existing systems to drive better medical coding outcomes. Whether installed on site or embedded within your other hospital applications, TruCode software delivers consistent, proven results for all types of encounters.

  • Reduced DNFB and A/R through improved coder productivity
  • Fewer denials and audits due to more accurate coding
  • Increased regulatory compliance with real-time, intelligent coding references and support
  • Cost savings through lower software license and support fees


Your outsourced audit and coding customers depend on you. You can depend on us. Whether your business is large or small, TruCode by TruBridge encoder software is an important step forward in HIM technology, coder productivity and code accuracy.

  • Reduce your technology costs and expedite encoder go-live.
  • Boost your coders’ confidence with the most up-to-date reference support and hospital-specific coding advice available.
  • Accommodate each coder’s strengths and preferences with our unique, hybrid approach.

TruCode makes it easier for you to ensure the utmost in coding and audit service excellence for your hospital, health system, clinic, and physician practice customers.

Dozens of outsourced coding firms and consultants rely on TruCode’s encoder technology every day to deliver a better customer experience. You can too.  Call any of our partners to hear about their first-hand TruCode success.


So much is lost when claims auditors get bogged down in coding questions. Bringing together multiple data sources to decipher coded claims is laborious and confusing, especially where coding issues are involved.

TruCode by TruBridge encoder software helps detangle your coding questions and streamline your audit team workflow. From RACs to the Blues, TruCode helps auditors, third party payers and health plans quickly review the exact claims and codes in question.

  • Pinpoint coding errors for every claim audit quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce time, money and labor involved with audits.
  • Expedite provider communications and audit processes.

Stop struggling to translate codes and navigate documentation. Focus your audit team resources on the codes that matter with TruCode’s encoder solution. Learn more about how our software helps expedite audit reviews for third party payers, health plans and recovery audit contractors here.