TruCode Encoder

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TruCode medical coding software is your key to better coding outcomes. The TruCode Encoder automatically presents critical coding information to your coders precisely when and where they need it, all within a single encoding screen.

Coders balance accuracy with productivity by using TruCode's streamlined coding workflow and renowned research pane. No unanswered questions. No coding compromises.

With TruCode, your coders capture everything and miss nothing.

For example, TruCode gives your coders instantaneous access to the latest clinical codes, coding references and groupers. Coders keep up with changing rules and guidelines all within one screen—no more wasted minutes toggling between encoder screens, searching the Internet or checking multiple applications.

The result? Fewer coding mistakes and fewer denied claims. Coders save time and organizations save money in three specific ways:

  • Eliminate blind spots and claims denials due to coding errors.
  • Reduce keystrokes and multi-application lookups for greater coder productivity.
  • Promote code accuracy with comprehensive references and coding advice that are readily available.

You can install TruCode Encoder on a single PC or on multiple computers. It is a knowledge-based encoding tool that generates immediate results, offering:

  • Sophisticated ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT® and HCPCS search engines
  • DRG, APC and ASC grouping and pricing
  • Comprehensive code editing, including Medical Necessity
  • Integrated coding references
  • Productivity-focused reporting

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