Our Partners

No man is an island. The same can be said for healthcare technology. Committed, purposeful collaboration between technology vendors and content providers ensures effective encoder implementations and replacements.

TruCode by TruBridge was the first to integrate encoder technology into our customers’ existing systems. Our cloud-based TruCode Encoder Essentials eliminates interfaces, stops the finger-pointing and reduces your implementation stress.

The end result? A faster return on investment for everyone involved. Our strategic business partners even discover new revenue opportunities through our innovative web services approach.

TruCode connects with the very best healthcare technology companies to ensure our customers’ success including leaders in these areas:

Being a TruCode Strategic Business Partner

Our strategic business partnerships are designed to deliver full end-to-end integration between TruCode and the end users of your software solution. Through these partnerships, TruCode can “encoder-enable” CAC, CDI, HIS and EMR systems via the cloud.

Become a TruCode strategic business partner to make sure your healthcare technology solution truly excels in four ways:

  • A better customer experience: improve coding workflow, efficiencies and coder confidence
  • More control of the revenue cycle: streamline customer management, better control your coding process
  • Simplified updates in the cloud: eliminate time-consuming encoder updates
  • Money saved: boost your bottom line with up to 50% savings over other encoder solutions and new revenue opportunities

“Partnering with TruCode adds tremendous value to our CAC solution, Fusion CACe.  The seamless integration of TruCode Encoder Essentials allows us to provide robust encoder capabilities without compromising our own identity in the market.  The development staff at TruCode provided the support we needed to finish the integration in just a few weeks.  Their team has supported us in every way possible both in and out of customer engagements.  For Dolbey, partnering with TruCode has been a win.”

– Chris Casto, Senior Vice President, Dolbey

Learn more about establishing a strategic business partnership between your healthcare business and TruCode.

Being a TruCode Interface Partner

The average hospital IT department supports over 100 software applications. Interfaces abound. Interfacing experience matters.

The TruCode Encoder has successfully interfaced with leading EHRs, EMRs, HISs and PMSs (Physician Management Systems). From large to small, our interfacing experience saves real time and makes a real difference for both you and your healthcare customers.

"MEDITECH values our relationship with TruCode and appreciates the work they do. We are pleased to offer an integrated and beneficial interface experience to our mutual customers by providing them with tools they need to deliver the best care possible."

– Rob True, Manager, Business Development, MEDITECH

Click here for a list of systems to which we are interfaced.

Learn more about becoming an interface partner with TruCode.

The Company We Keep

Healthcare management is becoming more complicated than ever. TruCode’s professional affiliations help direct and validate our future business strategies and product goals.

Strong, ongoing relationships with the following healthcare associations keep TruCode experts up to speed with a changing healthcare world.