About Us

About TruCode

Our company began in 2005, when two HIM technology veterans decided that the healthcare marketplace deserved a better medical coding solution. TruCode was formed to build that solution.

Today TruCode is a privately held software company focused exclusively on medical coding solutions. Serving hospitals, consultants and health plans, we have rapidly become one of the top providers of medical record encoders in the U.S., experiencing consistent double-digit company growth.

In 2011, we were the first company to encoder-enable other healthcare technologies such as EHRs, EMRs, CDI systems and HIS applications through TruCode Encoder Essentials, our cloud-based, web services coding solution.

The bottom line—we’re in business to help our customers realize their maximum potential. We empower coders to work faster and more efficiently, delivering accurate revenue results throughout their entire coding workflow.

What’s the secret to our success? A unique encoding experience that continues to win new fans and followers every day.

“TruCode is the best way to train entry-level coders and move them up. That’s why I love TruCode more than any of the other vendors out there.” Read more.

– Becky Clark, RHIA, HIM Director, Madera Community Hospital

“TruCode has not only improved the productivity of our coders, but also helped our physicians be more productive too.” Read more.

– Jennifer J. Cline, RHIT, OP Coding Team Lead, Aultman Hospital

Ensuring correct codes is your business. It’s our business too.

Our Philosophy

The TruCode philosophy is simple: design coding solutions specifically to accommodate the way coders work and think. Then back up these products with responsive, personalized customer service.

Is your current medical coding software holding you back? If so, it’s time to discover TruCode.

TruCode Encoder: Comprehensive encoding software installed on a single PC or multiple workstations

TruCode Encoder Essentials: All of the core functionality of TruCode Encoder, directly embedded within your HIS, EMR and other hospital applications.