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Clinical coding is directly tied to quality care and revenue cycle improvement.  Smart, exact and easy to use, TruCode’s medical coding software gives clinical coders the encoder technology they need to do their very best in ICD-10, ICD-9, CPT or HCPCS.

Discover a better way to support your coders. Discover more accurate coding. Discover TruCode.

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Records One develops technology to aid in the creation and use of clinical documentation. The company’s NLP software improves efficiency throughout the documentation, case management, coding, data analysis, and quality…



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I’m a second-generation HIM professional—after my mom—who went to HIM school right after high school. I fell in love with coding during an internship and never looked back. I’ve worked as a facility inpatient and outpatient coder, coding supervisor and consultant. In my current position, I am a lead developer on coding training materials. ICD-10 implementation was a dream come true for me and my coworkers as we toured the country presenting ICD-10 education. In 2009, I started a mentoring group… Continue Reading >

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