About Us

About Us


Smarter Encoding For Bottom Line Results

TruCode is a company focused solely on medical coding. We empower medical Coders with a streamlined coding experience and the intuitive guidance and support of our intelligent Research Pane. The result is a balance of power, flexibility and support that allow medical Coders to work faster and more efficiently to deliver accurate results throughout the coding process.

Our philosophy is simple: design specifically for the way Coders think and work – and empower them to do everything better. This means intuitive function, clean presentation and the continuous guidance of on-screen medical coding reference support whenever it’s needed. The results are immediate and far-reaching, and include:

  • Optimal insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid reimbursement through increased coding accuracy
  • Reduced A/R days through increased medical coder productivity
  • Increased healthcare regulatory compliance by providing official medical coding guidance during the coding process
  • Improved revenue cycle workflow by supporting point of service medical coding
  • Cost savings through lower software license and support fees

These benefits are supported by our signature brand of customer service that connects TruCode experts directly with you. This means as questions arise and your needs evolve, TruCode is standing by with answers to ensure your encoder continues to deliver maximum results.