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Clinical coding is directly tied to quality care and revenue cycle improvement.  Smart, exact and easy to use, TruCode’s medical coding software gives clinical coders the encoder technology they need to do their very best in ICD-9, ICD-10 or CPT.

Discover a better way to support your coders. Discover more accurate coding. Discover TruCode.

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Since 1914, Dolbey has delivered timely solutions with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. They have developed the Fusion Suite™, a set of healthcare software solutions designed to deliver modular digital…



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“I’ve always worked to a higher purpose and that’s why I love the patient centered care aspect of coding. The fact is that by doing what I do – accurate coding, charge capture and validation – I can improve the patients’ experience at our hospital. It’s that completion of care through coding that’s so rewarding. In today’s healthcare environment, coding is far more than just reading a report. Coders have to be like detectives and at Bert Fish Medical Center,… Continue Reading >

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