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Clinical coding is directly tied to quality care and revenue cycle improvement.  Smart, exact and easy to use, TruCode’s medical coding software gives clinical coders the encoder technology they need to do their very best in ICD-9, ICD-10 or CPT.

Discover a better way to support your coders. Discover more accurate coding. Discover TruCode.

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ChartWise:CDI is the interactive software system designed to improve precision in quality clinical documentation to support revenue assurance. Easy for medical professionals to understand and use, it has a light…



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“We’re changing anesthesia billing, adding two major services, getting new documentation systems for ER Urgent Care and In-Patient Care, and ICD-10 is coming. This is the high-change environment that attracted me to healthcare 25 years ago. Now I don’t merely embrace it. I relish it. “I credit TruCode for that. Our two coders, Dana and Julene, feel the same way. Before TruCode, we only had the code books so we saw an immediate increase in speed and productivity. “Everything is… Continue Reading >

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